We are called to

Train Them Up

How It Works


Check In


Register in the Children’s foyer to receive their security badge before one of our children’s volunteers guides you to the right classroom.



When you’re ready to leave, return with your security slip to the TCC Kids Suite where you checked in for a fast, easy dismissal.

Our Policies


Parents should take note of the “Snack of the Day” that will be displayed at the registration desk and check the ingredients list which is also displayed to confirm that one of the snacks is on their child’s approved list.

If any snack displayed is NOT on their child’s approved list, then the parent is responsible to place a YELLOW ALLERGY ALERT sticker on the FRONT CENTER of their child’s clothing.

Parents should write on the sticker “NO ______” and list the item that is being served that day that their child is not allowed to have. The child will be served the alternative snack.

Allergies should also be VERBALLY conveyed to the Hall Monitor.

If your child’s allergy requires an EPI pen, it must be hand-delivered to the volunteer at the desk (not left in the bag) so that it can be placed in an easily accessible location. Also, the volunteer will take our tester pen to your child’s classroom and the other volunteers that day and have them practice to make sure they are familiar with how to use it.

There are many children in our ministry with varying food allergies. Please be sure to make it a priority EVERY week to check the “Snack of the Day” and approve it for your child. Many of our volunteers rotate weekly, and it can be very challenging to keep up with dietary restrictions. Please help us by remembering the sticker.

Our security team has a person specifically assigned to the children’s area each week in case their assistance is needed.

A parent or adult guardian shall sign the child in upon arrival and obtain a security sticker and if necessary a pager. The security stickers are printed randomly each week with numbers on both the child’s tag and the adult’s tag that correspond. There is security in the random printing so that only the parent (or appropriate person) will know the number and be able to pick up that child. (Similar stickers mirroring this system are provided for guests).

Parents will be notified via pager if they are needed. If the child is old enough that a pager is not issued and the parent is needed, a slide will appear on the screen in the worship center with the child’s number for the day. When paged, parents should report to the TCC Kids desk.

We cannot allow visitors into the children’s area for the safety of all our children. All volunteers and teachers have been background checked and have been properly trained and certified, and we will not allow visitors who are not supposed to be with the children. However, if you are our first time guest, we would be delighted to give you a tour of your child’s classroom and allow you to walk them to the door of the classroom. You will not be permitted to stay for the duration of the class though since this can disrupt the flow of the teacher’s schedule. (But we realize parents want to observe the place where they are dropping off their child!)

When picking up a child, the parent or adult guardian will present the numbered security sticker and or pager to the volunteer and the number will be matched with the child wearing that sticker. Children will only be released to the adult who has the security sticker or pager, not to siblings or other children. Any child without a security sticker or pager number can only be released by the Hall Monitor or Children’s Minister.

All volunteers and teachers have undergone thorough screening and background checks. They have each been approved to serve on the TCC Kids Ministry Team.

It is our goal to provide a clean, healthy environment for all of our babies and children who attend our sessions. Please help us by adhering to the following guidelines.

Please do not bring your child to church if he has any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever – Currently or within the last 24 hours
  • Vomiting or Diarrhea – Currently or within the last 24 hours
  • Any symptoms of a childhood disease (Chicken Pox, Mumps, Scarlet Fever, German Measles, Etc.)
  • Any unexplained rash
  • Pink Eye
  • Head Lice
  • Any infection requiring antibiotics that has been treated for less than 24 hours on the antibiotic
  • Runny Nose/Common Cold that has lasted 14 days

(These guidelines come from the Committee on Control of Infectious Diseases of the American Academy of Pediatrics)

If a child develops a fever or other symptom of illness during TCC Kids activities, parents will be notified immediately.

ALL medications must be administered by a parent, with the exception of an EPI Pen. (This regulation includes but is not limited to creams for diaper rash, Tylenol for headaches, and numbing medications for teething babies).

If your child has attended a session and develops an infectious disease (i.e. Chicken Pox, Mumps, Scarlet Fever, German Measles, etc.), please notify the church office or the Children’s Minister immediately.

A child must never be physically touched in any way that is meant to be a disciplinary measure. This includes spanking, thumping, popping, grabbing, or hitting (even with a parent’s permission!).

We also ask parents to refrain from spanking their own child while in the children’s area, as our guests and visitors may not realize you are disciplining your own child.

Volunteers will try to neutralize problems that occur with children by separating the children (not allowing them to play together), distracting them (from the toy they are arguing over), or a diversion (have the group sing a song or join in another activity such as coloring).

If a child is using aggressive behavior with the other children (i.e. hitting, pushing, shoving, snatching, pulling hair, biting, etc.) this behavior cannot be tolerated. A “time-out” will be issued as a disciplinary measure. Most children do not want to sit out of the fun activities going on while they are at church, and this punishment is generally sufficient.

If the child’s behavior persists and a more serious disciplinary measure is necessary, the child may be removed from the classroom and made to spend a period of time with the Children’s Minister or Hall Monitor.

The procedure for disciplining a child is typically as follows:

  • The child is told why they are being disciplined and is told to sit in a “Time Out Spot”
  • The child must remain in the spot for approximately 1 minute per year of their age
  • After the time has elapsed, the child is asked if he knows why he is sitting in the spot
  • The child is guided to reconcile in an appropriate way to resolve the issue that prompted the discipline

The parent may be contacted if the disciplinary measure is not successful in an appropriate amount of time.

What We’re Learning




Foundational Bible studies, simple truth statements, and introductory Scripture memorization.

& K-5


The beginning of the early church and its growth & mission throughout the book of Acts.

& 2nd


Learning to trust in God’s promises and seeing how God has been and will be faithful to his promises.

3rd –


Focusing on the doctrines of salvation and sanctification to learn how we can become more like Jesus.

But Don’t Forget About…


Passport transports kids back to ancient times and immerses them in the stories of Scripture to bring the Bible to life.