Small group, life group, home group, care group. Whatever you’ve call ’em, they share the same mindset: a group of people regularly meeting to grow in their relationship with the Lord. Small groups pray and study the Bible together, seeking to help one another tangibly and to apply Scripture to our lives.  It’s a place to know and be known, share meals together, and, most importantly—do life together for the glory of God.

We do small groups because we’re convinced that it is the best way to pursue the goal of Biblical Community—a group of individuals, united in Christ, who are committed to ministering and mutually caring for one another for the purpose of progressive sanctification. We’ve found this best accomplished when every member of TCC lives meaningfully connected to a small group.

When and where can I find one?

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
5:00pm Creed & Kristen Barnett
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5:00pm [College Freshmen Women] Sarah Reed
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6:00pm Hugh & Hollie Carson

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6:15pm Phil & Laurel Thompson
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6:00pm Jason & Melissa Stuckey
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5:00pm Tim & Tina Smerdon

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6:00pm Tyler & Jen Moody
mail placeholder Greer
 7:00pm  [College] Aaron & Casey Markham
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5:30pm John & Maria Beasley

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6:30pm Tyler & Lauren Evans
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5:30pm Travis & Tiffany Foster

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 6:30pm Brandon & Karla Simpson
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