Every year, children immerse themselves in a Biblical environment, learning what it was like to live, work, and (more importantly) play in Bible times.

This 4-day experience teaches kids Biblically sound verses, songs, and stories so they can taste and see that the Lord is good.



WHEN: 06/11 – 06/14

Sunday: 5 pm – 7:30 pm
Mon-Wed: 10 am – 12:30 pm

WHERE: The Church at Cherrydale | 401 State Park Road

PRICE: Free (because you can’t put a price tag on fun, Biblical teaching 😉)

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Main story?

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VBS is offered for children ages 3 years – 5th grade. We assign children to classes by the grade they have COMPLETED. We have admitted children younger than three before, but it is best if your child is potty-trained in order to be able to participate.

We recommend not coming before 4:30pm on Sunday or before 9:30am on Monday through Wednesday. Check in should be pretty simple, especially if you are a church member or have pre-registered.  We will not admit any children more than 20 minutes prior to the start time, so our volunteers will have completed their preparations for the fun we have planned each day!

Pick up will begin at 7:30 on Sunday and at 12:30 on Monday through Wednesday. Check in is usually completed 15 minutes after it begins. It tends to speed up each day since everyone is more familiar with the process.  You can arrive a little early if you prefer and wait for us to start, but if you request to pick up your child early, he will miss out on some fun and learning!

There is a porch where you can drop off and pick up each day that will be clearly marked with our registration signs.  The first day your child attends VBS you will have to park and “register”, but the days following that you can just pull through and drop them off.  The registration team will have clipboards in the car line for you to sign your child in to expedite the process.  It will be pretty self-explanatory.  There will be signs and cones to mark the correct traffic flow. Our security team will be there to assist as well.

The same parent does not have to pick a child up that drops them off, HOWEVER, there is a security tag and carline number (that will be a random number each day for security purposes) that whoever picks the child up will need to have.  The security tag cannot be duplicated, so it would have to be given to whomever you wish to pick up your child.  If there is a special circumstance that would make it impossible for this to happen, you will have to pull out of the car line and wait for the VBS Director to be contacted to approve the pick-up of that child. It would be best if you could transfer the car sign and security tag to the person you will have picking up your child. IF this is impossible, please notify the registration team when you drop off your child so that they can collect the necessary information and they will be able to check the identification of the person you authorize to pick up your child.

There will be a security tag at registration and in the drop-off carline each night.  One side is a sticker that you will write your child’s name and your emergency contact number as well as any allergy alert or other important info.  That sticker will be placed on the front of your child’s shirt.  This will have to be filled out each day (hence the clipboards in the carline) so that the info is attached to your child. In case of an emergency, we will have the information readily available and won’t have to search for paperwork.  The backing that is peeled off of the sticker is another piece of the security tag that you keep to bring back to pick your child up.  There are identical numbers on both parts of the security tag.  (Think valet parking or checking your coat! But MUCH more important!)  Attached to the tag that you take with you will be a legal-sized page with a number for the carline.  This way, when it is time to pick up your child the security team can radio inside, and we can send out the children with the corresponding numbers. Hopefully, by the time you reach the door your child will be waiting for you.  It usually works this way!

Due to security reasons, you will have to say goodbye to your child at the door. We cannot allow anyone in the building that is not a scheduled volunteer for VBS. Our volunteers have been through a security screening process that involves background checks, interviews, training, and a variety of other procedures that are designed to keep your child safe. Not only will we not allow you to enter, but we also will not allow another unauthorized adult to enter. It should be reassuring to you that we will kick you out! This is to protect your child as well as all of the children in our program this week.

We will be serving snacks during VBS. The teaching style and method that we use calls for “cultural immersion” in the biblical time period and city that we are visiting. Our VBS Chef is VERY creative to make kid-friendly versions that give them the experience of being IN the biblical city and time period, but that the kiddos will actually eat!  Each night, there will be some fruit options such as grapes and some interesting breads for the ones that we can’t convince to be adventurous!  We recommend that your child eat before coming, but encourage] them to participate and sample the snacks each night.  There will be plenty of snacks, but nothing that would qualify as a balanced meal.

Allergy alert stickers will be available at registration as well as in the carline each night. Please make sure to take one of these YELLOW stickers, fill in on the line what your child is allergic to, and place the sticker on the FRONT CENTER of your child’s shirt. This is how our chef will identify children with allergies each night (in addition to a verbal reminder from the VBS director and the child’s teacher). It is helpful to have the allergies listed so that we can make sure your child is given a snack. (If your child is wearing a sticker but their allergy is not identified on it, we will NOT serve your child a snack to be safe.) Our Chef is familiar with the dietary substitutions necessary for children with food allergy issues. We can accommodate most any allergy situation. Please let us know if your child has an allergy that requires an epi-pen. Our volunteers have been trained to use an epi-pen, but we will have each individual working with your child’s group use our TESTER pen that night to make sure that they are prepared should an emergency dictate its use during the week. Also, make sure that your emergency contact number is clearly written on your child’s security tag since this is the number we will be calling in case of an emergency.

Your child should wear any comfortable, loose fitting clothes and a pair of shoes that he can be active in. We will be taking the children to a recreation time, so it is important that they are wearing shoes that they will not have to remove in order to be able to participate. Each child will be given his own biblical time costume to wear during the week of VBS! It will help them get in the “mood” to participate in traveling to our biblical destination. All of our costumes have been freshly laundered prior to the start of our week, and your child will only wear his own costume each night.

You can help by building up the excitement for VBS in the weeks prior to its start. Children who anticipate an event are typically a lot more excited about it when the big day finally arrives. (Think Christmas!) Especially if you have a younger child, make them feel “older” and “important” that they are big enough to go to VBS. If you have received registration information and you know the name of your child’s group or teacher, share that information with your child. Prepare them for the details discussed here: that you won’t be walking them to class, that they are going to get to wear their very own Bible times costume, that you won’t be able to go to class for the whole night with them, that they are going to get to make some unique crafts and taste some interesting foods. Tell them to pay close attention because all of the components to our VBS are designed to teach them about the time period and culture when the Bible stories took place.

You can also help by looking over the Nightly Newsletter that will be presented to you in the car line each night. It will include the Bible Point as well as the Memory Verse for each day. There will be some tips included that will hopefully encourage spiritual conversations for families. Be sure to use this tool to help reinforce the Bible teaching each day.